Terms and Conditions

  • Please find the Group Reservation Terms and Conditions below -:

    General Conditions -:

    • Only one group can be issued in similar flights, if the flights are overlapping.
    • At the time of confirmation, current taxes will be applicable.
    • Fares are subject to availability of seats at the time of booking.
    • Fares mentioned are NET payable to IndiGo.
    • In case of a round trip, fare is only valid for Round-trip.
    • IndiGo’s E ticket can be treated, as a Valid INVOICE for Service Tax Purpose, hence an Invoice for the Group Reservation will not be provided.
    • Along with a valid photo I card for all the passengers, please ensure that you are carrying either the card or the rear and front copy of the same, signed by the cardholder.
    • Groups will be eligible for any increases in tax/fees/surcharges unless paid in full.
    • In case of payment with an International Credit card, the credit card holder should be one of the passengers traveling in the group and the physical credit card will be required at the time of check-in.
    • We recommend group arrival at the Airport at least 90 minutes prior for Domestic Travel and 180 minutes prior for International Travel.
    • For the group travel from 15th dec. till 10th jan. require 100% payment at the time of confirmation, final names can be advised 30 days prior.
    • In case of confirmation through Travel Agent, transaction fee of 3.5% over and above the given fare (base + YQ) will be applicable
    • All other conditions will be as per the conditions of carriage published on our website www.goindigo.in
    • For more information on Terminal Change please refer Terminal Information


    Initial Payment-:

    • Group Up to 69 passengers- 25% or 1500 per person per sector whichever is higher
    • Group above 69 passengers- 50% or 1500 per person per sector whichever is higher

    Balance Payment-:

    • Groups Up to 69 passengers balance payment before D-15.
    • Groups Up to 70-120 passengers balance payment before D-21.
    • Groups above 120 passengers balance payment before D-45.
    • If balance payment is not done at D-15/ D-21/ D-45, seats will be released after deducting the Cancellation Fee or advance paid amount whichever is higher.

    Condition for Names -:

    • All names to be advised 21 days prior to departure.
    • Name changes are not permitted after names have been advised.
    • If names and balance payment not provided 21 days prior to departure booking will be cancelled at a cancelation fee of Rs. 3000 per passenger per flight.

    Condition for Cancelation & Date Change -:

    • Date changes permitted 15 days prior to departure are at a charge of INR 2500 + differential fare at the time of changes per passenger per flight.
    • Cancellations, 15 days prior to departure are permitted at a charge of INR 3000 per passenger per flight or 100% of airfare charges (whichever is lower). Any remaining balance will be refunded as per the mode of payment. In case of cash payment remaining amount sent to a credit account, which can be used towards remaining payment due, within one year from the date of cancelation with IndiGo.
    • Date & flight change is not permitted 15 days or less prior to departure.
    • Cancellation 15 days or less prior to departure will be at 100% forfeiture of total amount (only the Passenger Service Fee and User Development Fee may be refunded).

    Additional Services-:

    • Please click to Add-on’s to check the list of additional services available and the charges in group booking.